Mineral salt crystal deodorant

Mineral salt crystal deodorant

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1  bar can last up to 1 year of daily use. No aluminum chlorohydrate. 24 hour protection. Kills bacteria. No alcohol. Fragrance free. No chemials. No oils. No perfumes or emulsifiers.

Made from crystallized natural mineral salts which naturally kills odor causing bacteria.

 Why should you switch to mineral salt deodorant? 

Aluminum-free deodorants help fight odor without blocking pores.

In addition to using on underarms, many of our customers apply to their chests, feet and inner thighs. Be sure to avoid applying to open wounds.

Without the aluminum plugging its sweat glands, your skin can now regulate your body heat and get rid of the small amounts of toxins your body releases through sweat.



My beard became nice and soft after using FBS on it.

Los Angeles, CA

I use this oil daily. Can't live without it. It also smells amazing.

Georgia, ATL

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